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3 Fates Magic

Re-Energize Tea

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This tea is a recreation of a favorite breakfast tea that I added my own twist. I've enjoyed tea for 20 years and my favorite tea of all time was Yogi's 'Revitalize', that they discontinued. So I created my own version to enjoy (with less caffeine), and the same delightful flavors. 
For those sensitive to caffeine it's a tea to be enjoyed in the day. 
Warming and invigorating. 
  • *Peppermint
  • *Spearmint
  • *Black Assam Tea
  • *Ginger
  • *Cinnamon
  • *China Green Tea
  • *Egyptian Licorice
  • *Stevia
  • *Cardamon Seeds
  • Black Pepper

* Organic